A viable way to make money on the Internet in 2021

How many views are required to earn one dollar by AdSense
google adsense money in pakistan
Google AdSense

There are two ways to make money on the Internet. Through content and the other is to sell goods through e-commerce or the Internet. In this article we will focus on making money through content.

Content refers to content that people visit on a platform to view, read or listen to, and in turn receive content creators. This can be anything like content video, photos, audio, blogging or vlogging that people love and want to see more of.

How many internet users in Pakistan 2019

internet users in pakistan google rankings
there are about 6 million internet users in Pakistan

According to experts in media reports, there are about 6 million internet users in Pakistan at present, which suggests that we have a very large market available only within Pakistan. If it were to include Urdu language speakers in other countries, that number would be much higher.

Most importantly, we need to understand the needs and interests of Internet users about what kind of content they want to read, listen to, or watch. Video Web site YouTube has a large number of people and medium to long term videos work well here. It should be noted that they are in line with consumer choice.

Facebook Ad Breaks Eligibility

how to earn money from facebook 2019
30,000 views on at least three minutes of videos within two months and your page has at least 10,000 followers

When it comes to Facebook, short duration videos out there perform better. It is important to remember that in order to gain financially on Facebook you have to get 30,000 views on at least three minutes of videos within two months and your page has at least 10,000 followers.

google adsense money in pakistan

YouTube, Facebook, Word Press or blogging are the three major sources of money for online content on the internet. But Google is most prominent in terms of its two major platforms. YouTube is the world’s largest video  Search engine and other Google ads that can earn money by placing ads on various blogs.

If you start creating content that meets people’s interests after practice, the advertiser will come to you. According to experts, such a whole system becomes because advertisers need readers and readers need good content.

Best way to earn money from Google Adsense ious videos are uploaded to YouTube that have a large number of users to watch on YouTube. Different information is posted in the form of text or image, with which Google or other ads make money when they appear.

What experts says about facebook, blogger and youtube earnings

Experts say you need a source for your content. It could be a YouTube channel, a Facebook page. Video, audio, or image blogs, or just plain blogs. You first need to create a digital asset for publishing your content.  If this is a website, you will also have to purchase a domain hosting for it to make your website available on the Internet.

Monetize Your Website and Content – Google AdSense

best way to earn money on internet 2019
Monetize Your Website and Content – Google AdSense

In the case of the web site, a program is to be implemented which is a Google program, Google Adsense. Then when you start to put content on your platform, after a certain amount of time your website will start to reach a certain extent when a few hundred or a few thousand people. You can apply by going to www.google.com Adsense and you will start to get paid according to your traffic.

How Much Revenue AdSense Share with the AdSense Publishers?

Advertisers on YouTube pay money, in which they advertise on videos and 45% own YouTube and 55% pay on video makers. According to experts, the easiest and most scientific way to find out what people like to see, is by using some of Google’s free and third-party tools that you can use. For example, Google Trends is a tool. By going there you can see what people are asking for, what they are looking for in the world.

Experts say that all of this research needs to be done six months in advance. Content should be created by now so that you get ranked in search engines. When you come to the results pages, you will automatically get traffic. It is also important that what is made of content or not is all based on scientific basis and not on assumptions or personal likes. Scientific data will tell you what people are reading and searching.

How many views are required to earn one dollar by AdSense

The most interesting question for readers is how much money they get. Experts say that one million views can be made from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, and this is not a one-time, because people have been using them for years.  Keep watching the videos.

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