20 Best Hindi Fonts – Free Download

20 Best Hindi Fonts: As an AI language model, I can recommend some popular Hindi fonts that you can install and use. Here are some of them.

Kruti Dev:

This is a widely-used and popular Hindi font available in multiple styles. (Download)


Another popular Hindi font that supports both Hindi and Nepali languages. (Download)


An elegant and stylish font commonly used for titles and headings. (Download)


This is a clean and modern font style designed for use in Hindi text. (Download)


This is a traditional and widely-used Hindi font that is simple and easy to read. (Download)


This is a modern font with a clean design, ideal for use in any type of Hindi text. (Download)


An easy-to-read Hindi font designed specifically for use in print media. (Download)

Lohit Hindi:

This is a free Hindi font included in many popular Linux distributions. (Download)

Nirmala UI:

A modern font style by Microsoft that supports both Hindi and Marathi languages. (Download)


This is a balanced and elegant font style ideal for use in longer texts. (Download)


A beautiful Hindi font designed for use in advertising and marketing. (Download)


A simple and stylish font style that supports both English and Hindi scripts. (Download)


One of the most popular and widely-used Hindi font families, with multiple styles and variations available. (Download)


A stylish and modern Hindi font with a clean design. (Download)


This is a stylish and elegant font commonly used for titles and headings in Hindi text. (Download)


A clean and easy-to-read font style that is ideal for use in educational materials. (Download)

Saraswati Suman:

Another popular Hindi font that is easy to read and widely used. (Download)


A creative and unique font style ideal for use in headings and titles. (Download)


A simple yet sophisticated Hindi font style that is perfect for a variety of uses. (Download)

Urdu fonts:

It is important to note that there are many other Hindi fonts available, and the choice of which to use will depend on your personal preferences and the specific requirements of your project.

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