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All Urdu Fonts Pack on one page. MTC TUTORIALS is the only website that has brought to you all the Urdu fonts that should be in your computer or mobile.

Why do Urdu fonts matter?

A crucial element to branding and brand personality, that is most often overlooked, is your font. Urdu fonts pack. A font, which is considered “typography” in the design world, holds a lot of weight on the overall feel of a brand. The design of letters (fonts), can be a huge impact on the feeling, voice, and message of your brand.

Why are Urdu fonts important in design?

The designers have been using typefaces strategically to make a text readable and also to make an impression on viewers. Because of such designs with unique typography ideas, a brand can communicate with its audience in an effective way. Typography allows designers to create visuals for brands.

Urdu Fonts Pack 1

Nastaaliq Fonts, Bukhari Fonts, Andulas Fonts, Antic Fonts and Alqalam Fonts.


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Urdu Fonts Pack 2

Alfaras Fonts, Alqalam Fonts, Nastaleeq fonts and Urdu fonts 2021.


Alqalam Fonts
New special urdu fontsNew Stylish Urdu Fonts 2021

Top 10 Urdu fonts for graphics designers

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