How To Install Urdu Fonts In Android Phone – Download Latest Fonts

Hello everyone and welcome to the MTC TUTORIALS. Today’s topic is how write Urdu in Android Phone. There are many App’s available in Google Playstore but non of them are supported for custom fonts.

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Today i am gonna show that “How Can We Write Urdu/Arabic In Mobile Phone” and how can we install Urdu fonts to Android Phone. This article is all about Installing and writing Urdu fonts in Android.

Urdu Fonts Supported Android App:

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The name of this App is the “Photo Editor”, yes this photo editor is very powerful, all Photoshop and CorelDraw functions and tools are available in this app. The Photo Editor i am talking about is very appropriate for graphics designers and photo editors.

Photo editor download mobile

Download Photo Editor Now

The photo Editor is a small but powerful photo editing application. If you have some knowledge of Photo Editing and photography, you can do a lot with this Application. Use this Application to make photos of your android phone just like you would working on Photoshop on a Personal Computer.

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Features Of Photo Editor:

  • saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, hue and tint.
  • Curves & Levels.
  • A lot of effects like, sepia, contrast, sketch, black and white, blur, oil paint, tone, gamma correction, and much more.
  • Adding images, shapes and texts.
  • Frame, Denoise, Drawing, Pixel, Clone, Cut Out.
  • Perspective, lens, red-eye, white balance.
  • backlight and more.
  • Easily edit with the touch and pinch.
  • Save images in different formates like, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
  • You cam Save your final result to your gallery, as wallpaper.
  • Share photos in social media.

Download 50 Urdu Latest Fonts

Steps Of Installing Urdu Fonts In Photo Editor:

Step 1: Open Photo Editor and tap on New document icon as shown in image 01

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 01 – Creating a new document in Photo Editor

Step 2: Set screen resolution, background color and then OK. See image 02

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 02 – Setting up new document

Step 3: Select ‘l”Text/Image” button from buttom menu. See image 03

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 03 – Adding Text and applying fonts

Step 4: Now new menu is appeared select plus sign [+] l. See image 04

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 04 – Typing Text and installing fonts

Step 5: After taping the Plus[+] sign new drop up menu will appeare, select the [Tt] icon as shown in image 05

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 05 – Typing Text and installing urdu fonts

Step 6: Now you are in the text editor, type text in the text box and tap Properties. See image 06

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 06 – Typing Urdu text and properties

Step 7: These are all text properties, like outline, letter spacing, line spacing, padding, alignment and opacity. In this menu you can also change the font style. Click here, see image 07

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 07 – Finding Urdu fonts folder

Step 8: You can see there is some built-in system fonts, we don’t need these fonts so tap on Custom. See image 08

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 08 – Custom fonts

Step 9: Now find the font folder that you downloaded from this site. See image 09

Download Urdu Fonts Folder

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 09 – fonts folder finding

Step 10: After opening the font folder select your desired font and them apply. See image 10

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

Image 10 – finel 1

Installing urdu fonts in mobile

For more watch these Tutorials below, i hope you will learn a lot by watching these videos. Thanks for reading this Article. Keep watching my videos and please don’t forget to Subacribe my YouTube channel. Thanks again for love and support.

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How to install and use Urdu fonts in mobile

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