Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts | 2022 New Urdu Fonts

Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts

Whats Is Nastaleeq?

Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts: Nastaleeq is an Arabic script 15th century. Characterized by a tendency to slope downward from right to left. Used mainly for Persian poetical writings and in Urdu and Malay manuscript.

Definition Of Font

A language or a composition used to bring a letter or text into writing. That shows the shape of words in a style or form is called a typeface or font.

What is Urdu font

Urdu font is the name of the script of Urdu (texture of letters). That is, the length, width, thickness, etc. It seems attractive.

Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts

A number of OpenType Nasta’liq font designer country Iran, Pakistan and Europe. They have made valuable advances in Nasta’liq typography. Some of the notable examples include Iran Nastaliq designed by Hossein Zahedi. Following the calligraphy of Amir Ahmad Falsafi (2007–08). Noto Nastaliq Urdu by Patrick Giasson and Kamal Mansour (2014). Mehr Nastaliq Web by Muhammad Zeeshan Nasar. Following the calligraphy of Nasrullah Mehr (2017). Gulzar Nasta’liq by Google.

  • Gulzar_Nastaleeq (Then)
  • AlQalam Johar Nastaleeq (Then)
  • Pak Nastaleeq (Then)
  • AlQalam Taj Nastaleeq (Then)
  • Jameel Noori Nastaleeq (Then)
  • Iran Nastaliq (Then)
  • Noto Nasta’liq (Then)
  • Mehr Nastaleq
Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts Gulzar Nastaleeq Free Urdu Font


Gulzar is a Nastaliq font for Urdu text with a typographic, rather than calligraphic feel. Google is the founder of Gulzar font, and released under the SIL Open Font Licence. Font Source

Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts Alqalam Johar Nastaleeq

AlQalam Johar Nastaleeq

This font is specially designed for composing long texts in books. Composing text with this font looks like handwriting. Font source

This font is available in all software like InPage, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and InDesign. But due to weak and old rendering engine of InPage, this font will run slowly in this software. While in other softwares there will be no such problem.

Pak Nastaliq font free

Then Pak Nastaleeq

Pak Nastaleeq font is the Urdu Nastaleeq font. Unlished by the Center for Urdu Information. A subsidiary of the authoritative national language. The creator of this font is Mohsin Hijazi. Nastaleeq font is ten times faster than others and requires relatively little computational memory.

This font is made using only two hundred basic forms. It also has only 2 internal rules while the other font requires 100 rules. This font does not use ligatures. Thanks to these qualities. So it is being called a revolutionary change in the world of Urdu fonts.

Alqalam Taj Nastaleeq urdu font

AlQalam Taj Nastaleeq

Al-Qalam Taj Nastaliq is actually a ligature-based font develope on the basis of the calligraphy. Moreover The great calligrapher of the Indian subcontinent, Tajuddin Zareen Zain Lahori. Earlier, although Noori Nastaliq’s drawings existed. They were used on a commercial basis and it was not legally or ethically correct to use them for free.

New Jameel Noori Nastaleeq 3.0

Jameel Noori Nastaleeq

Noori Nastaleeq is the first standard and most beautiful mechanical Nastaleeq. Developed by Mirza Ahmad Jameel. Then Who won the Pakistan Medal of Distinction in 1971. The father is related to Mirza Noor Ahmad. After the availability of this font. Then Pakistani newspapers for the first time started using machine Nastaleeq.

Iran Nastaaliq urdu font

Iran Nastaliq

So the Iran Nastaliq font with the possibility of creating a stretch for beauty. Observing the rules of Nastaliq font in the writing and also fixing some problems of non-compliance. Unicode and the new version approval by master calligrapher Amir Ahmad Falasfi.

Google Urdu Fonts

Noto Nastaleeq – Google Font

Noto Nastaliq Urdu (family font) contains one font. Moreover Google Developers Blog on Google’s software engineer Behdad Esfahabd published Nastaliq font for Urdu language on November 10, 2014.

Best 5 Nastaleeq Fonts

Mehr Nasta’liq 2.0 Urdu Font

After the great reception of Mehr Nastaliq web font. Urdu, Arabic and Farsi font making and calligraphy. Owned by “Mehrtype” has released the Lahore Nastaliq calligraphy and typography package. Then “Mehr Nastaliq Jali Khat” with new and surprising features.

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